Himalayan Goji Juice

Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan Goji Juice

GOJI JUICE TIME. Himalayan Goji Juice - the original and the best! The Goji Guys. Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth - Darwin - Townsville - Brisbane - Auckland - Wellington - Christchurch - Ashburton - Dunedin...



GOJI JUICE TIME.  Himalayan Goji Juice - the original and the best!GOJI JUICE TIME.  Himalayan Goji Juice - the original and the best!GOJI JUICE TIME.  Himalayan Goji Juice - the original and the best!GOJI JUICE TIME.  Himalayan Goji Juice - the original and the best!
Himalayan Goji® Juice

"Nothing I have ever experienced in the field of nutrition prepared me for the widespread and profound benefits that people experience with Himalayan Goji® Juice." Dr. Ron Friedman, USA

Himalayan Goji Juice.

GoChi Juice™ ~ Himalayan Goji Juice
Now 100% preservative free

Himalayan Goji Berries. GOJI JUICE Customers...   Catherine Zeta-Jones  ~ Mischa Barton ~ Madonna ~ Liz Hurley  ~  McLeod's Daughters  ~  Gwyneth Paltrow ~ Michael Jordan ~ Paula Abdul ~ Ben Kingsley ~ Steve Jobs (CEO Apple Computers)  ~  Wayne Pierce... ~ JUICERS AUSTRALIA ~ www.JuicersAustralia.com.au  Himalayan Goji Berries.
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Goji Juice is delicious!!

90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!    -    90 day money back guarantee!

Grown in China
Bottled in the USA

The most nutritionally dense food on the planet!

Spectral Signature of Himalayan Goji Juice.
Earl Mindell's
Spectral Signature

Yes. Gluten Free
Yes. Pesticide Free
Yes. Chemical Free

For further peer reviewed research on the Goji Berry, go to the: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE and the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH web-site: www.PubMed.com and type 'Lycium Barbarum' in the Search Field.


The World's Most Powerful Food

Did you know that in some remote places in this world, a life expectancy of more than 100 years is not uncommon?

Research has shown that many of the world's longest living people consume regular daily helpings of a tiny red fruit that may just be the world's most powerful food - the goji berry.

Spectral Signature.
FreeLife® is the first company to perfect a difficult and demanding proprietary extraction process and create the only standardized form of this incredible plant available in the world today: HIMALYAN GOJI® JUICE.

The Himalayan Secret

If you have not yet heard of goji, you are not alone. While it has occupied an important place in traditional Asian medicine for countless generations, the secrets of its nutritional benefits have remained a mystery to most of the world.

Through the ages, legends abound about this miraculous fruit. There are festivals held to celebrate its goodness, and a poem was written in its honour.

Goji's Sceret?

It's ALL in the Polysaccharides

Ancient Asian healers identified the nutritional properties of the goji berry thousands of years ago. They knew that the berry was highly effective for promoting wellbeing, but they did not know why. Until recently, the source of its nutritional benefits remained a mystery.

Earl Mindell, FreeLife’s exclusive product formulator, first learned about the goji berry in 1995. Along with a team of researchers, he studied and analyzed goji’s unique properties. They learned the goji berry has a variety of naturally occurring nutrients, but far more importantly, they learned that these nutrients were not the primary source of benefits. Instead, the key lies in its unique, highly bioactive polysaccharide molecules, sometimes referred to as LBPs (Lycium barbarum polysaccharides). They are unique to the goji berry; they are not found in any other plant on earth.

These LBPs work at a cellular level. Today, worldwide goji research is focusing almost exclusively on these LBPs. Study after study is confirming that they are the true source of the goji berry’s powerful properties.

After much analysis and scientific research, Mindell and his team identified a Spectral Signature; a ‘fingerprint’ for the goji berry’s polysaccharides. This breakthrough allows FreeLife International to maximize, standardize and balance the LBP content in every bottle of Himalayan Goji® Juice.

Through a proprietary manufacturing process, FreeLife is able to deliver a consistently high level of perfectly balanced and fully active polysaccharides in every serving of Himalayan Goji Juice. You simply cannot get the same results eating dried goji berries or drinking plain goji juice that you get by enjoying Himalayan Goji Juice. Why? It’s all in the Spectral Signature. It’s your guarantee that every sip of Himalayan Goji Juice you take delivers a uniformly high level of goji polysaccharides. It’s your assurance of potency, purity and authenticity in every bottle.

Sacred Goji Waters

During the Tang Dynasty (around 800 AD), a well had been dug beside a wall near a famous Buddhist temple that was covered with goji vines. Over the years, countless berries had fallen into the well. Those who prayed there had the ruddy complexion of general well-being, simply because they drank the water from the well. From this legend, a poem was crafted.

Sacred Goji Waters

The Well of Youthful Living.

The First Healers

The First Healers

It is said that the Himalayans were the first natural healers, and that they shared their wisdom with the ancient herbalists of China, Tibet, and India. One of their most prized secrets was the fruit of the native goji vine, which had been flourishing in the Himalayan valleys since the beginning of time. Those who came there to learn took the goji home with them and planted it in their own valleys, thus spreading the legend of this most marvelous fruit. Since its discovery in the Himalayas, those who know of the remarkable goji berry are awed by its unmatched ability to maintain well-ness.

Earl Mindell's Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

Widely regarded as the world's #1 nutritionist, Earl Mindell's research has resulted in many important health discoveries.
Himalayan Goji Juice.

He was largely responsible for creating the "nutritional revolution" with the publication of the Vitamin Bible; the biggest-selling nutritional book ever.

Himalayan Goji Juice. He was the first to introduce to the world the remarkable nutritional benefits of soy, with his best-selling Soy Miracle book.
Himalayan Goji Juice. He brought the power of *MSM to the world.
Himalayan Goji Juice. He teamed up with FreeLife International®, lending his vast experience and expertise to the formulation of an exclusive and diverse line of all-natural nutritional supplements; the most comprehensive, synergistic nutritional products available on the market today.
  [* MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a form of biological sulphur with an amazing ability to assist health.]

Earl Mindell's Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

A Dream Come True:

"As a pharmacist and nutritionist dedicated to helping others optimise their well-being, it is a dream come true to bring the miraculous Goji to the world. I believe Goji Juice has more powerful benefits on well-being than any other product I have seen in the last 40 years."

Earl Mindell, R.Ph., M.H., is generally recognized as the Father of the Nutritional Revolution. He is the best selling author of 48 books, including the Vitamin Bible for the 21st Century, which has sold more than 10 million copies in 54 countries.

He appears on more than 300 radio and television programs each year, including Regis, Letterman, Oprah and many, many others. He received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University and is currently a registered California pharmacist, a master herbalist and a professor of nutrition.

In Search Of The TRUE Goji

Spectral Signature.Just as there are many varieties of grapes for wine making, there are many varieties of goji - as many as 41 species growing in Tibet alone!

Earl Mindell knew that he must exhaustively analyse the dozens of varieties to find the one true goji - the one that had been discovered by the early Himalayan healers, and which, from ancient times, had been praised in legend.

In the same way that human fingerprints can be used to distinguish one person from all others on the planet, a spectrometer can detect even subtle differences between berries at the molecular level. This technique results in the generation of a graph, a unique fingerprint for whatever is being tested - a Spectral Signature.

Thanks to years of dedicated scientific research, FreeLife™ is the only company in the world to have developed a Spectral Signature to identify, isolate, and harvest only those special goji berries with the exact nutrient profile of the legendary goji from the Himalayas.

Spectral signature
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spectral signatures are the specific combination of reflected and absorbed electromagnetic (EM) radiation at varying wavelengths which can uniquely identify an object. The "Spectral signature" of an object is a function of incidental EM wavelength and material interaction with that section of the (electromagnetic spectrum).

The measurements can be made with various instruments, including a task specific spectrometer, although the most common method is separation of the Red, Green, Blue and Near Infrared portion of the EM spectrum as acquired by digital cameras.

Click here for technical data about the Spectral Signature and the Himalayan Goji Berry.

100% Goodness In Every Bottle, Every Time

Himalayan Goji Juice.

Proprietary, juice product, patterned after the ancient recipes and practices of the Himalayans.

Himalayan Goji Plant.
Himalayan Goji Juice. All-natural juice flavouring system gives a consistently delicious flavour, and works synergistically with the product to enhance its already remarkable benefits. Never any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours, or flavours.
Himalayan Goji Juice. Proprietary technology for extracting the juice without destroying goji's delicate, but extremely powerful nutrients.
Himalayan Goji Juice. Exclusive recipe and proprietary chill-blending technology.
Himalayan Goji Juice. Each one-litre bottle contains the equivalent of more than 2 pounds of fresh goji berries!
Himalayan Goji Juice. Carefully standardized to deliver a consistently high level of perfectly balanced and fully active polysaccharides.
Himalayan Goji Juice. Made only with berries that exhibit the ideal Himalayan Spectral Signature—your assurance of potency, purity, and authenticity in every bottle.
Himalayan Goji Juice. Our strict Seven-Step Quality Manufacturing Process ensures that you and your family experience the same nutritional value with every sip.

You Can Not Drink Too Much

Himalayan Goji Plant.

Just like orange juice and apple juice, there is no risk of drinking too much Himalayan Goji™ Juice. But, after you experience Himalayan Goji™ Juice, you will find that no other juice can compare. You and your entire family will enjoy the energizing well-ness benefits from this nutrient rich, juice beverage.

For overall good well-ness, we suggest that you start with two ounces (30 ml) of Himalayan Goji™ Juice daily. Current research indicates that the greatest benefit may be realized by drinking up to four ounces (120 ml) per day. Himalayan Goji™ Juice can be taken as is, or mixed with your favourite hot or cold beverage.

“The Biggest Discovery in Nutrition
in the Last 40 Years!”

TIME Magazine Calls the Himalayan Goji Berry the “Breakout Superfruit of the Year!”

The first natural healers in Asia prized its secrets 4,000 years ago. Poems praising its powers were written in its honour as far back as A.D. 700. Ancient medical texts declared it to be superior for fortifying and maintaining general wellbeing. The people of Central Asia cherish it so much that a festival is held in its honour every year. More than 80 scientific studies have been published on its properties. The world’s leading authority on wellness endorses it. International media like TIME magazine, the Los Angeles Times and NBC’s Today Show praise it. And doctors, world-class athletes and celebrities swear by it. It’s a tiny red berry called goji, and its powerful punch of unique polysaccharides is taking the world by storm.

It’s All in the Polysaccharides!
"When I began poring over the medical databases for Lycium barbarum (goji’s Latin name), I could hardly believe what I was reading,” says Earl Mindell, author of the Vitamin Bible. “Modern science was validating exactly what the Asian healers had said. The body of scientific evidence on goji was truly extraordinary.” To date, there are no less than 80 independent scientific studies about goji in prestigious journals around the world.

And the key to these studies is goji’s unique polysaccharides, not found in any other plant on earth. They are so powerful that they are sometimes referred to as Master Molecules.

Pure Himalayan Goji Juice - a smile in a bottle.Taking the World by Storm
With so much to offer, it’s not surprising that it has become a favourite food supplement for celebrities. New Woman magazine says that goji is the latest Superfruit to take Hollywood by storm. Top stars “...can’t get enough of this powerful, anti-oxidant packed fruit.” Drinking just 2 to 4 delicious ounces each morning has immediate and direct benefits of greater wellbeing.

With delighted Customers in more than 20 countries, FreeLife is rapidly fulfilling its mission to reach the world. “Himalayan Goji® Juice is unique, beneficial and so delicious that it has become more than a product - it has literally become a movement,” FreeLife® CEO Ray Faltinsky says.

“Himalayan Goji Juice is the most important breakthrough in wellness that I have seen in the last 40 years.” Earl Mindell, R.Ph., M.H.

Doctors Speak Out about Himalayan Goji® Juice

Dr. Matt Silver, USA.
"After doing my own extensive evaluation and testing on a number of people, I have found that Himalayan Goji® Juice is having a dramatic impact on people's lives. I have now closed down my medical practice, and I am literally sharing the message of Himalayan Goji® Juice with people all over the world."

Dr. Silver is a Board Certified Family Practice physician. He graduated from the Howard University College of Medicine in 1975 and completed a Residency in Family Practice at the Howard University Hospital in 1978.

See more "Doctors Speak Out about Himalayan Goji® Juice" here.

>> Doctors Speak Out about Himalayan Goji Juice >>

Highlights of the Himalayan Goji® Juice

  • The fruit and juice of the goji berry (or Lycium barbarum) have been used for many centuries by traditional healers for its nutritious benefits.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice has the equivalent of approximately 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of goji berries in each 1 litre bottle!
  • Himalayan Goji Juice has been studied by researchers and institutions from around the world.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice supports several systems in the body.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice works at the cellular level.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is an exclusive product of FreeLife® International.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is being consumed daily by thousands of people for greater well being.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is a proprietary fruit juice formula that can’t be copied.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice has no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is made using proprietary extraction technology to protect goji’s delicate, yet powerful nutrients.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is standardised to deliver a consistently high level of perfectly balanced and fully active polysaccharides.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is made using a strict Seven-step Quality Manufacturing Process.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is made with berries that exhibit the ideal Himalayan Spectral Signature.
  • FreeLife® is the only company to have developed a Spectral Signature to identify, isolate, and harvest only those berries that meet the exact nutrient profile of the legendary goji from the Himalayas.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice is bottled in plastizer free plastic bottles that are more non-leeching than glass!
  • Himalayan Goji Juice side effects: 1) smiling a lot and 2) being extremely happy.
  • Himalayan Goji Juice has been formulated by renowned author, Pharmacist and Master Herbalist, Earl Mindell, who claims “Himalayan Goji® Juice is the most nutrient dense food and the most important wellness and nutritional product that I have seen in over 40 years!"

One of a kind Master Molecules

Goji’s unique polysaccharides act as “Master Molecules” in the body, synergised together, they work at a cellular level and support several systems within the body.

Goji of Himalayan quality exhibits a balanced polysaccharide profile and a uniquely potent Spectral Signature. It is the true descendant of the original goji of legend.

Goji's Master Molecules.

In a world where science is recognizing "energy medicine" more and more and its' crucial role in releasing healing properties, these statistics are a powerful confirmation of natural products playing an integral part (of the whole:-) in providing cutting-edge wellness products.

In Body, Mind and Spirit... to YOUR Health and Happiness,

Pam Richard, N.D.
[The Bovis Energy Scale & Hertz Energy Scale articles are by Pam Richard, N.D.]

Himalayan Goji® Juice Ingredients

Ingredients of Himalayan Goji® Juice

  • 90%+ - Reconstituted, cold evaporated concentrate of Goji (Lycium Barbarum) Juice (equivalent of 0.9072 kg (2+ pounds) of goji berries in each 1 litre bottle!)
  • 4% - Grape Juice
  • 2% - Pear Juice
  • 1.25% - Apple Juice
  • 1% - Pear Puree
  • Natural Goji Berry Flavour (with other natural flavours)
  • Natural Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate), Water Added.

  • Serving Size: 30ML
  • Servings Per 1 litre Container: 33

All About the Wonderful Goji Berry

Goji Berries - Lycium Barbarum

These smallest of berries are to be savoured for the richness of life they bring!

The Goji berry of Himalayan origin (Lycium Barbarum) that we use is pure and grown in ancient soils untouched by any pollutants or pesticides. Its antioxidant qualities and phytonutrient content is equalled by none.

It is said in Tibet that eating Goji berries in the morning will make one happy for the entire day, and with such a practice, the effect is cumulative, so eventually, one can't stop smiling!

GoChi Juice™ ~ Himalayan Goji Juice

TIME Magazine - Superfruit of the year.

"Nothing I have ever experienced in the field of nutrition prepared me for the widespread and profound benefits that people experience with Himalayan Goji® Juice." Dr. Ron Friedman, USA.

Dr. Ron Friedman.Dr. Ron Friedman earned his Medical Degree from the University of California San Francisco Medical School and did his anesthesia Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital which is part of the Harvard Medical School. He has been in practice for 30 years... more

Now 100% preservative free

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Himalayan Goji Juice - made with the finest ingredients Nature has to offer.

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